AI Medical Diagnosis

The role of AI and Machine Learning is continuously increasing the medical field. Currently, it is in Computer Vision that the biggest advances in machine learning for health care have occurred. Any job that is very procedural, for example screening images for disease, is highly amenable to an AI approach. Images are essentially numerical data and computers are particularly well suited to analysing that kind of data, which is why scans such as X-Rays, CT Scans, etc can be trained to identify abnormalities linked to any diseases.

Although the possibilities for AI sprawl far and wide, computer vision is the logical place to start, especially given its ubiquity and importance in health care. Computers can look beyond what the human eye can see and tease apart tiny variations in the images under examination, helping with diagnosis, detecting preliminary signs of disease, and predicting how the disease will develop.

This approach not only reduces the scan report time drastically, but is also helps the doctors identify abnormalities which could at times are not easily identifying to human eye. The idea is to improve accuracy, efficiency, and speed of diagnosis.

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