Computer Vision for Assembly Line Inspection

Manufacturing plants are required to ensure that their products and components from their production line adhere to their strict quality, safety and production guidelines. By installing cameras at the right spots, we will be able to ensure their product and component assembly standards are being followed at all times. This could include caps, labels, print, size/shapes, cracks etc.

Computer Vision is used to check for broken or partially formed parts. As the product make their way through the production line, pictures are taken and transferred to a dedicated PC that then processes the images which then runs further analysis to check if the parts are the right colour, length, width, and whole. 

By automating the whole process, we can also integrate a counting function and if a part is deemed as defective, this information is logged which then sends a signal to the counting functioning, and by the time the parts reaches the end of the production line, these anomalies are then rejected, thereby removing the possibility of shipping defective products.

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