Computer Vision Fleet Safety Platform

Our Fleet Safety Platform has the capability of capturing and analyzing the driver's driving time and performance with up to 100% accuracy. The platform provides the necessary tools for companies to adapt efficiently to road and traffic situations, thus improving the efficiency and safety of drivers.

The platform's built-in AI system can detect road violations, which are then recorded, analyzed and reported to reduce the risk of dangers and distractions while driving. In such circumstances, the in-car audio system alerts drivers and notifies their managers through secured end-to-end encrypted portals.

The platform can analyze and identify every stop sign and traffic signal. It can also measure the speed of the vehicle and the relative speed of ongoing traffic. It can also measure the speed of the vehicle, the relative speed of ongoing traffic and can identify whether or not the driver is maintaining a safe driving distance from vehicles in front. Drivers are also engaged with timely and relevant information regarding their driving performance and etiquette, allowing them to modify their driving behavior and improve their driving scores and habits.

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