AI Fitness Trainer

Computer Vision in the fitness industry completely redefines what we consider personal training. The pandemic situation gave rise to different alternatives to gyms as most remained closed or membership for the good ones was expensive. The most feasible and cost-effective solution is home training via Fitness Applications. Modern fitness applications have a lot of features and content which you can access from the comfort of your home, making it a lot more convenient for users than going to the gym.

Personal attention to actual gym members always had the edge over other solutions. However, with the help of machine learning & computer vision, this personal guidance can also be provided to the users. The computer will monitor a person’s workout to ensure all their postures and angles are correct. From yoga to HIIT or weight lifting, the system will guide you along the way. This goes beyond the scope of regular training and becomes a personal assistant that motivates you to practice constantly.

This experience can be further enhanced by adding a simple depth-sensing camera like Kinect. This camera tracks the user’s form and uses dots to plot their movements, locating their muscles and joints to ensure each lift, squat, and slide is done properly. Existing fitness applications with a good customer base could just integrate this AI part into their training routines. Companies could bring in brand ambassadors as models for these personal training experiences. Customers would be blown away if a known celebrity could give them real-time workout feedback and be their personal trainer through their mobile application.

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