Computer Vision for Automated Number Plate Recognition

ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) or LPR (License Plate Recognition) is another widely used application of computer vision. It can benefit a wide spectrum of industries, from corporate offices, gated housing communities, paid parking spaces, hotels, and shopping malls to industrial zones, airports, military zones, and high-security areas.

ANPR can not only be used to read and record the license plate of the vehicles and store it in a database but also to automate access points and toll gates.

In spaces like gated communities, it could considerably reduce the labour force required to identify the vehicles entering; if the vehicle belongs to a person from the community, a visitor, or some stranger. By saving the license plate of all the vehicles from the community, we can automate the entire process so that only the registered vehicles will be allowed access to the community. This system will work for any industry requiring only registered vehicles to enter the premises. The solution is fast, accurate and can run 24/7.

The application is a little different when it comes to shopping malls or paid parking spaces. The license plate is recognized and saved when the vehicle first enters the premises. This data is then saved in the database, and the duration of the vehicle on the premises is calculated. When the vehicle exits the premises, the license plate is recognized again and matched with the existing database, and the system automatically charges the customer based on the duration spent inside the premises.

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