Computer Vision for Face Detection-based Access Control

Face recognition is one of the most commonly used applications of computer vision. This can be used for attendance system in offices, access control in restricted areas, etc. The application of facial recognition access control can be further also used for areas with queue, such as public transport service like metro/subway. When a travel pass is purchased, the facial data is stored in the database and when the passenger arrives at the station, access is provided by identifying him through a camera placed near the access gate.

Also, In the wake of the current pandemic, a lot of regulations are to be met at access points. For example, everybody is expected to wear a mask at public places, people who are sick are not allowed outside. When coming to access points it can be very hard to manually keep a track of everyone.

With the help of thermal cameras/IR sensors and computer vision the entire process can be automated in such a way that only people following the regulations will be provided access.

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