Road Analytics

Asset management is a huge task that is sometimes provided as a maintenance project to a third-party company. This company must take a list of all the assets present on the site and do a regular inventory check and inspection to track the asset’s condition.

When it comes to Road/Highway Asset Management, they are required to keep track of streetlights, signboards, kilometre stones, delineators, solar blinkers, MBCB, kerbs, cracks, potholes, etc. This will also apply to other industries, such as property management, real estate, housing colonies, etc., where they have their own assets to be tracked and maintained.

With the help of computer vision, we can automate this entire management process with something as simple as a video recording. This eliminates the manual work of people having to go to individual assets to inspect them. For estates and properties having thousands of assets, it’s almost impossible for them to manually check all their assets, considering the time taken, the effort involved, and labour cost.

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