Computer Vision for Surveillance & Security Monitoring

Perimeter Surveillance & Security

By placing cameras around the perimeter of a structure/building, we will be able to monitor unauthorized entries. This could be people trying to scale the walls, people trying to enter through restricted gates, etc. Also, we will be able to monitor unauthorized entry after closing hours and send instant alerts when violated.

 Security Monitoring

We will be able to monitor the security of the building. This includes the manning of allocated security points. If at any point these locations are not manned by any security personnel, we will be able to send instant alerts to the officials in charge. Also, behaviour of the security personnel can be detected. For example, if the security personnel fall asleep on duty.

Surveillance & Alert system in Restricted Areas

We will be able to monitor unauthorized entries in restricted areas. If a specific uniform is required to enter, anyone entering without the uniform will be considered a security breach and officials will be alerted. We could keep a predefined timeslot for entry; if anyone tries to enter outside the timeslot, officials will be alerted.

 Threat Detection

We will be able to predict possible threats through CCTV cameras. For example, if a person is wearing a mark, officials will be immediately alerted. Any kind of threatening behaviour will also be identified and reported. Arms & Weapons such as Guns, Knives, etc will also be detected and alerts will be sent to the officials.

Traffic Surveillance

Through CCTV cameras mounted across the city, we will be able to detect any kind of traffic violations. This includes riding without a helmet, riding triples, one-way violation, riding on footpaths, etc. With ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) we will be able to tag the vehicle with the violation. 

 Crowd Density Mapping

By placing cameras on threat prone areas, we will be able to detect the crowd density and alert the police department if people group up during off-hours. The crowd density threshold as well as the time can be predefined.

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