Computer Vision for the Fashion Industry

Using object detection algorithms, we are able to detect and identify fashion, clothes and accessories. One of the biggest game-changers in the e-commerce industry is the ability to recommend the right product to the customer using Machine Learning. Combining both, we get a lot of applications customized to requirements.

The visual aspects of the clothes are what influences the customer more during a purchase, often more than the fabric, price, and brand. So, the product recommendation is based on the picture of the clothing item. But these clothes look more appealing to customers when it's worn on a model. In order to automatically extract visual features from a clothing item, it has to be isolated from the rest of the outfit on an image. This is where the Computer Vision comes in to detect and identify Fashion elements. 

This way we are able to turn all the product advert images into beautifully categorized data by tagging individual clothing items. This will improve the discovery, analytics, and personalization of the products.

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