AI Parking Solution

With a lot of Smart cities coming up, a smart parking solution would be a major component for the city’s ecosystem. With the help of computer vision and CCTV cameras placed in parking spaces, we will be able to guide people on empty parking slots. This could work for public as well as private parking spaces. Earlier to automate parking spaces, separate ground sensors were used. And these sensors would cost around 100 dollars each. Now for bigger parking spaces with 1000 slots or more, this is not a financially viable solution. Also taking into consideration the wear & tear, maintenance and replacement of the sensors.

With Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, we are able to provide a truly smart solution which is far easier to deploy as well as cost efficient too. With just a few CCTV cameras placed on the right spots, it’s around 100 times less hardware units to install and maintain.

This could work for shopping malls with multi-storey parking facilities to huge open grounds. A simple mobile application for the smart parking solution could pre-allocate parking spaces to customers and guide them to the exact spot.

· Easy Deployment – As most public areas are already covered by CCTV cameras, there wouldn’t be much expense on hardware purchases and no hassle of installing ground sensors.

· Consolidated Ecosystem – This can be combined with other AI solutions such as ANPR to provide a dynamic solution.

· By using a simple mobile application, the customers could also use the ‘find my car feature’, as the solution not only detects empty parking spaces but also knows where each car is parked.

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