The IKEA Virtual Reality retail experience allows users to choose their home layout, furnish it virtually with true-to-scale 3D models of IKEA home products, and get a list of all items selected with the unique reference code and price list.


The IKEA showrooms in Jordan, Morocco, and Kuwait faced a peculiar problem. Their showrooms were located on the outskirts of the cities, and the local residents were not accustomed to the etiquette of IKEA’s DIY business model. Another major issue was that many of the residents were unaware of either IKEA’s presence or its vast product categories.


Initially, IKEA felt the best approach to this problem was to educate their target customers using Augmented Reality. Upon further investigation into the problem, TAKELEAP suggested taking a VR Experience and a 360 degrees VR tour approach instead.

The 360 degrees VR tour was the first experience, in which Takeleap recorded the entire store with a 360 degrees camera and integrated the video into a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and a Samsung Gear VR headset. Customers could now experience the entire IKEA store and what it has to offer, through a portable device.

The second VR Experience was to give users a hands-on experience with IKEA’s products through the use of VR. Users would be able to select one of 3 living room layouts: a 300SqFt room, a 500SqFt room, and a 750 SqFt L-Shaped room.

Upon selecting the room, the user can then digitally furnish the room with IKEA Products, which were all scanned, textured and 3D modeled by Takeleap. The user could change the furniture’s color, change its location and the room and eventually, furnish the entire room to their liking.

Once the user is satisfied with their layout, they can proceed to a virtual checkout, where they can view and pay for their selected furniture. Once the transaction is complete, the furniture would be delivered to them.

The IKEA VR Experience was conducted in shopping centers in Amman, Marakesh, Tangier, Casablanca and Kuwait, which resulted in a 20% increase in footfall and sales for IKEA.

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