DEWA VR Studio

DEWA Fire Safety and First Aid Training VR


DEWA wanted a state-of-the-art VR training centre, with a product that could train all their employees in Fire Safety and First Aid training, something that could replace their conventional classroom training method.


TAKELEAP was able to identify a space in the DEWA Academy and design a futuristic VR training centre, complete with the integration of hardware and elements to facilitate meetings or discussions as well. Along with this, TAKELEAP developed a VR training solution, that covers the basics and detailed simulations of fire safety and first aid. This product stood out as the users reported better memory retention, repeatability of simulations and experiencing dangerous situations in a safe environment. The VR studio can accommodate up to 12 trainees simultaneously. The management has access to detailed reports on the progress of the trainees and understands the status of each trainee.

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