Nov 21,2021
Machine Learning Could Improve Your Life: Here's How
Machine Learning is the study of computer algorithms that has the capability of automatically improving itself by constantly processing data that are fed to it.

Section 1: Machine Learning is the study of computer algorithms

In the most basic sense, machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that have the capability of automatically improving themselves by constantly processing data that's fed to them. This algorithmic behaviour is determined by any and every data a system inputs, be it a sensor, a database or a model.

The system "learns" to continually improve itself, without any form of external programming. There is a hidden AI factor which helps this process – that hidden AI factor is the sheer size of the underlying data set, which influences the AI model. A single model needs to process thousands, if not millions, of data points to be able to improve itself.

What are some applications of Machine Learning?

Before we get to that, let's quickly define what machine learning is.

Machine Learning - Is the study of algorithms that has the capability of automatically improving itself by constantly processing data that are fed to it. It's an area where the machines use algorithms to interpret data.

Supervised learning - This is when we feed data to the algorithms to classify or categorize. For instance, computers can learn from the data if the examples have good labels or bad labels.

How does it work?

Theoretically, it's a very simple process:

There is a lot of data that needs to be processed in order for the algorithm to recognize the patterns and make decisions in an intelligent manner. This process is called Natural Language Processing and is essential in Machine Learning to identify, make decisions, and improve itself.

For example, the algorithm might analyze millions of news articles that are published in newspapers, chat forums and other digital sources to decide the news of the day. In the future, there could be a massive database of positive news that the machine will recognize and instantly bring the positive out in people.

The impact on our lives now and in the future

The big impact machine learning will have is on the business world. The data machine learning algorithms make, like for example our fitness and other apps, they make information about us, things we like, things we don't like, and general personal information, available for the benefit of companies, such as in advertising and marketing and others, that they have the capability to create individual marketing campaigns that get people to click on advertisements, whatever they're advertising. So, the data is then turned into money for companies, which have already been showing us signs that they want to use the data they have on us to manipulate us to buy something.


Machine learning can change the way your life functions, especially if you're like me and take pride in your home. You've seen it all, right? You've built your dream home by yourself with no help from a contractor, remodeled that kitchen, and made the whole place look brand new. Now, try to imagine what your home would look like if you started from scratch.

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