Jul 09,2020
7 + 1 Benefits of VR Training in the Corporate Sector
The corporate sector is highly dynamic, constantly changing, and fiercely competitive. Savvy managers and leaders understand the need for continuous learning for reskilling and upskilling. This is important to drive organizational goals and maintain a competitive edge. While the cost of physical equipment and the associated risks for different industries remains a huge challenge, the benefits of virtual reality training in this aspect cannot be overstated.
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Jul 05,2020
5 Ways VR Training is Changing the Future of Healthcare
According to Fortune Business Insights, the virtual reality in healthcare market is expected to reach $30 billion by 2026. Despite being in its early growth stages, this technology is seen as revolutionary by industry experts with impacts that could benefit businesses across different industries. VR technology is already catalyzing changes in different aspects of our healthcare systems. Our focus in this post, however, will revolve around how virtual reality hospital training is transforming medical education, among other things.
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