Oct 24,2022
How to create a Real-Time Life Size Hologram with Technology
Holoportation uses computer-generated holograms to connect remote users in real-time. It’s like teleporting yourself into another person’s space and being there with them, or vice versa — sort of. In this blog post, we will explain exactly what Holoportation is and how it creates 3D projections of people that look so real you might start petting the air in front of you. We’ll also share some examples of how it could be used and give insight into how it works.

What is a real-time hologram?

A real-time hologram is a three-dimensional visual representation of something that isn’t physically present. A hologram is a technique for making a real-time projection of a remote person, place, or object. It comes from the word “holo” which means “whole.” A hologram is a whole image made from just a single viewpoint. Real-time holograms are made with a technology called volumetric capture or volumetric video. A computer-generated hologram is a 3D representation of a person, place, or thing that looks so real you might think it was actually there.