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Regressing on Account of Tech!

What is the first thing we as a generation do every morning? More often than not the response is going to be the same, “I check my phone”. Most people wake up and spend about 10-15minutes on an average rummaging through their various social media posts before they venture out to do anything productive. Quite […]

When the virtual world is no longer imaginable?

Touch is sense that humans rely the most after sight!! The ability to perceive touch gives us a wealth of information about the environment around us. Without our sense of touch, we wouldn’t feel our feet on the floor when we walk nor would we sense when something sharp cut us. It is truly astounding […]

Change is coming fast!

In the recent years we have seen a lot of development in the way our lifestyle is being shaped by technology. Whether it’s personal or business, the adaptation of technology by the industrial market has made a huge improvement in individual lives. We can now enjoy the ease of life thanks to smart phones, gadgets […]

IKEA – Virtual Reality Shopping Experience

IKEA, known by most if not all, had decided to boost their marketing activities in the Middle East with “IKEA Virtual Reality Store” experience at Popup shops. The overall concept of these PopUps is to create a more interactive space within the busy shopping malls, bringing IKEA closer to the customer. IKEA’s products, being so […]

Augmented Reality: New Future for Cars

Augmented Reality will be the inevitable for future cars. Imagine the driver looks at the physical dashboard that’s blank and all the information is displayed in a digital form (fuel gauge, speedometer, temperature, etc.). In addition, having access to complete control of the gadgets that would assist you through voice control will sure be handy. […]

The New Marketing

Brands are always finding new ways to connect with people. The conventional method of advertisements on mediums, pamphlet distribution, and billboard displays are gradually changing. Emerging technologies make it easier to blend the physical and digital elements to create a more personalized experience. So what is an ‘experience’? An occurrence which leaves an impression on […]

VR/AR Market is Expected to Hit $5.1bn in Healthcare Industry by 2025!

Have you seen the movie “Prometheus”? Yes, it’s sci-fi, but can you say it is not real? I can’t. Because I remember from the scene of the “self-operation” where one of the main characters was doing an abortion to remove the alien inside her uterus. Our artificial intelligence systems and robotics are getting so advanced […]

Sci-Fi Movies Predicting the Future!

Entertainment has always been the primary driver for a majority of advances that we see today. Movies have always been the foreteller of the many technologies that we see today. A generation of youngsters grew up watching sci-fi movies like The Abyss, Terminator and numerous others. These movies showed us technologies that didn’t exist at the time […]