Grow with Robots

Robots have been part of this world from 1948. The world’s first robots were used to lift objects and stack them. Technology has become so powerful that each day ends with a new dimension in growing technology. It has now become important for companies to build their software and hardware platform accordingly. LEAP is an Interactive Marketing and Technology Media agency which concentrates in development related to Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, App Development and Augmented Reality.

Robots find themselves in a wide range of applications. Commonly used platforms are for communication and education purposes. Chatbot is very useful in conducting conversations via auditory or textual method. Chatbot is an ongoing trend these days. A common example of a Chatbot would be Apple’s Siri. Recent developments in Chatbot have rendered them the capability of understanding human emotions and language isn’t a barrier anymore.

An educational purpose is Visualisers. Visualisers are real time capture devices which are used in lecture halls and for videoconferencing in conferences. Visualisers are useful for projecting information to a group of people and also have the ability to save video recording and capture images for interactive display. Experience the following through LEAP:

  • VIRTUAL REALITY- Solve complex challenges and meet up to your expectations in VR
  • AUGEMENTED REALITY- Because your customer requires a different look to your products
  • TOUCHSCREEN SOLUTIONS- Meet your touchscreen expectations for display suites, expos and more
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE- Build “Intelligent “machines to take actions that maximize your chance of success.
  • 3D PROJECTION- This involves mapping of objects on a program which is equivalent to the real environment.
  • APPS AND GAMES- Irrespective of the Operating System you need, we can build ready-to-go apps for your customers.

Recently growing robots are Chatbot and Visualisers. Our team looks forward in working with you on these chatbot and Visualisers and meeting up with your expectations. Let us help you boost your customer engagement in exclusive ways.

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