What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is subject to computer science to make computers and machines capable to work like the human being. Artificial intelligence is the study of human behavior and based on that study developing smart computers and machines. Artificial intelligence and robotics make intelligent and smart robots and the machine that think like human and work more efficiently than human within less time. Recently, we heard news about robot “Sophia” who thinks like a human she gives interviews also due to Artificial intelligence and robotics.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not different from each other. Machine learning is one way of artificial intelligence technology. Therefore Artificial intelligence and machine learning both are same. Many Artificial intelligence applications are using machine learning. Therefore both Artificial intelligence and machine learning is useful for making the machine more intelligent. So, in short, all machine learning is artificial intelligence technology but all artificial intelligence technology is not machine learning. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a lot for healthcare sector as with artificial intelligence one can share data easily.

Artificial intelligence technology becomes popular that’s why there is a huge competition between Artificial intelligence companies in the world. Many Artificial intelligence companies use Artificial intelligence in banking and finance sector and in customer engagement. Although there are huge opportunities for Artificial intelligence companies and artificial intelligence technology in the healthcare sector for faster data and treatment. Many artificial intelligence companies are already in virtual reality industry or intend to enter due to the great possibility of opportunities in the market as both will change and transform business.

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