DEWA Industrial Augmented Reality

TAKELEAP has helped DEWA to visualize the maintenance process via DAQRI Smart Helmet.


The process of maintaining DEWA’s substations is challenging, given the far-distant locations of most of them, combined with the unforgiving summer heat of UAE. DEWA focused their efforts on supporting their engineers by trying to enforce faster and more efficient maintenance checks on-site, coupled with real-time remote support and data collation from existing systems. DEWA was looking for an integrated IoT platform in their substations that could communicate and send data to a wearable technology that would help site engineers detect hazards such as overheated pipelines and gas emissions.


Takeleap was assigned to build a prototype that would showcase how DEWA can support their on-site engineers. A decision was made to merge IOT technology with mixed reality by creating an application that can gather data, process it, and display the results in real time to the user via a heads-up display. The application would be able to communicate with the IoT Sensors in DEWA’s substation and retrieve data and overlay the information over the substation for the user to see and analyze.

The DAQRI Smart Helmet was used to develop the prototype due to its industry-standard safety helmet, combined with a high-definition projector-based vision, an inbuilt thermal camera, and remote calling features.

In order to demonstrate Takeleap’s application with DAQRI’s hardware, a life-sized replica of DEWA’s substation with built-in sensors was created by Takeleap.

The DAQRI experience received many accolades for its features & capabilities and was well-received by DEWA and industry-leading experts in IoT and mixed reality. The project has undergone substantial improvements and customization since then and is currently in the approval process to enter mass production. 

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