VR/AR Market is Expected to Hit $5.1bn in Healthcare Industry by 2025!

Have you seen the movie “Prometheus”? Yes, it’s sci-fi, but can you say it is not real? I can’t. Because I remember from the scene of the “self-operation” where one of the main characters was doing an abortion to remove the alien inside her uterus. Our artificial intelligence systems and robotics are getting so advanced every day, it’s just a matter of time before we will have smart operation machines like the ones in the movies!

Currently, operators are able to practice and train their students on a Virtual Simulator before they face a real patient. If you are planning or becoming a doctor/surgeon you shouldn’t be afraid or feel disgusted to operate on a cadaver, but if that’s the case, Virtual Simulation eliminates this procedure from real life and turns it into Virtual.

The newest and most popular hardware is the Haptic robots for the healthcare. What does this mean? Well, imagine you are going to touch a human body with the help of a robot. But that human body does not exist in real life! You only get to see it virtually (through a TV, screen, etc.) but the moment you touch the virtual body, you get the sense of real feeling of touching a real body! And there you go, start the operation. Doesn’t matter if you do something wrong, restart the system until you do it right, until you are the expert in that field.

Imagine, if the technology is able to provide this real feel, what can’t it do?!