Virtual Reality for Training

Virtual Reality for Training

Virtual reality is revolutionizing training in the workplace!
Change your traditional training to more advanced Make your employees feel more engaged in the process!

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From a simple office workplace to hazardous occupations, Virtual Reality is maximizing the learning in a safe environment. The best way to learn the complexity of a facility is to experience it for yourself, but doing so isn’t always safe or practical.

Safe, cost effective, engaging and efficient!

With virtual reality, your trainees will be able to explore a detailed 3D model of your facility in full scale and be able to interact with the facility as if they are really there. The experience allows them to gain the knowledge and experience, without the danger or complications of actually having to enter the facility. Trainees can repeat the tasks as many times as they need to, and money doesn’t have to be spent on materials to practice on.

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Benefits of virtual reality training:

  • Able to simulate dangerous or risky situations within a controlled environment
  • Accurate and realistic simulations
  • Cater for large numbers of students over various locations
  • Highly visual approach which aids with learning
  • Peer review, feedback and ongoing assessment
  • Deconstruct complex data into manageable chunks
  • Visualization of complex concepts and theories
  • Exploration of virtual scenarios as experience for real world scenarios