Virtual Reality Training for Healthcare

Virtual Reality is a term used to describe a 3-Dimensional computer-generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. This technology is one of the biggest epitomai of 21st-century innovation. Healthcare is one of the busiest industries, where Virtual Reality is rapidly establishing a place for itself. VR allows healthcare professionals to learn new skills as well as refreshing existing ones in a safe environment. At TakeLeap, we offer Virtual Reality training for healthcare sector hoping it revolutionize it.

Doctors need constant training in order to improve their skills or update their knowledge with the newest technical and technological improvements in their domain. Our Virtual Reality training for healthcare is beneficial due to several points such as:

1) Risk-free environment – the learners can approach the situation from different perspectives and are allowed to fail. New equipment can be tested and tried, without the concern of damaging it.

2) Learning experience – Professionals are completely immersed in the visual experience and this enables them to have an impactful learning experience, by virtually operating machinery. Doctors gain valuable insights into the structure, scope, texture, and various other crucial aspects of each unique patient’s ill part.

3) Study purposes – Virtual Reality training for healthcare is also a real benefit for students in the medical field as they can perform surgical procedures on virtual patients and polish their skills. Our product, VR Human Anatomy, provides an immersive experience which broadens understanding of the human body.

We have successfully implemented Virtual Reality training in health and safety sectors. Virtual training leads to a rise in knowledge retention as compared with traditional training methods – a simulation of an aircraft evacuation results in excellent memory retention results in of passenger’s safety instructions. We can simulate important tasks such as emergencies or shutdowns by creating risk-free environments, allowing trainees to assess different perspectives. Besides, Virtual Reality training health and safety can also be used to teach driver safety. The students will use headsets to simulate driving that requires them to spot hazards such as pedestrians and traffic.

TakeLeap, each virtual reality project is a unique, custom-designed, and immersive experience. Our team brings unrivalled passion and unequalled skill to meet the most complex challenges and to exceed expectations. Having done 500+ projects in 15 countries and winning a number of awards such as 2018 MESE Award – “Best Use of Technology”, Frost and Sullivan – “New Product Innovation Award 2018”, and many more, we try to bring more innovations in Virtual Reality training healthcare and safety.