Virtual Reality Software

Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. Nowadays, Virtual Reality software and Virtual Reality simulation are the two big things coming up. TakeLeap, Virtual Reality is being used to provide training in many sectors such as healthcare, education, corporate and manufacturing. Virtual Reality software we use for the same is one of the best.

Virtual Reality simulation software is used to create the simulations that we make. Also, the Virtual Reality software is used in our products such as VR Jedi Game, Virtual Reality Ride, VR Museum and VR Human Anatomy. Besides the software, VR headset, VR Laptop and other supporting peripherals are needed to make the simulations run smoothly. Apart from the Virtual Reality simulation software, we also need a system for it to work. We use HTC Vive and Lenovo Explorer which are considered the best in the field of VR.

Each Virtual Reality simulation is a unique, custom-designed immersive experience. Be it the Virtual Reality Ride or the VR Graffiti, each one is different on its own. We make sure to make them as real as possible so that a person feels that he/she is actually living the experience. Our team brings unrivalled passion and unequalled skill to meet the most complex challenges and to exceed expectations. The Virtual Reality simulation is also used to make the world a safe, secure and a more convenient place to live in. It is used to simulate places that one has never been to, like Mars but at the same time can also be used to visualize how your house will be.

For any VR experience, the Virtual Reality simulation software is the key to its development as well as its success. We offer our customers the best and therefore do not compromise on the Virtual Reality software that we use. We have won several awards for our work and have also been named Top 50 startups to watch for by Forbes Middle East. Having done 500+ projects, we keep on inspiring ourselves to work harder and deliver better products for the customers.