VR Training Solutions and Virtual Reality Learning are Driving a Pedagogical Change

Virtual Reality Learning

VR Training Solutions are already knocking at the doors of mainstream adoption. Virtual Reality already established itself as an integral part of video gaming. Further, it is being increasingly adopted by a wide variety of industries for training purposes. Interactions through VR is the number one option for fields like:

  • Design of Products
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Training and skill acquisition
  • Leisure experiences and pursuits

In fact, according to the use cases put forward by Goldman Sachs, Virtual Reality Learning is most certainly one of the best ways educators can approach learning in our age.

According to VR related forecast by Goldman Sachs, VR will take over TV by 2025. Furthermore, according to the 2016 forecast:

“The VR market will generate between $80 to $110 billion dollars compared to TVs $99 billion in 10 years’ time. The education VR market is forecast by Goldman Sachs as worth $0.7 billion. ”

The same study predicted 3:1 share of VR and AR respectively in the market. Serious Games Institute further predicted in a study that the VR market is all poised to stand at $33.9 billion by the year 2022.

Where Does VR Training Solutions and Virtual Reality Learning Stand?

Game-Based Learning is all set to be poised for prime time if it hasn’t hit that mark already. It involves putting games into use for workplace training and acquisition of skills. This view of serious games moves far away from the simple “rewards” of gamification.

It is of little surprise that much of the future game development work will have a VR/AR facet. Games are increasingly becoming the medium of choice for the presentation of learning materials. So, it is only logical that future educational and instructive games will make use of VR thereby giving a boost to VR training solutions and virtual reality learning

Looking Forward

Libraries of content for VR training solutions focusing on things like fire safety, mobile maintenance, people and public speaking skills, managing stress and the like are already there. The future of Serious VR, the virtual reality learning counterpart of Serious Gaming is all set to be the flag bearer of a pedagogical change, and TakeLeap makes sure that you are kept in check with all the new updates in the VR training world.