The New Marketing

Brands are always finding new ways to connect with people. The conventional method of advertisements on mediums, pamphlet distribution, and billboard displays are gradually changing. Emerging technologies make it easier to blend the physical and digital elements to create a more personalized experience. So what is an ‘experience’?

An occurrence which leaves an impression on people is called an experience. It is this experience that any brands wanted. They want to leave an impression to really connect with people deeply over time and to have living brand moments every day. So why is technology required in this? Why are we trying to get people engage in this way? Because we now live in a world where people want the latest of all, they want to feel they belong to special communities and groups (like on social media, WhatsApp, etc.). In addition to this, they want everything personalized, faster and enhanced.

Broadly speaking technology experience can be classified into two – Interactive and Immersive. Interactivity is all about the user interaction with the high-tech gadgets. It can range from a simple touchscreen interaction to robotic arm surgery. But it doesn’t have to be all always about high-end gadgets.
Immersive is when the user becomes a part of the experience itself and this user participation is integral to the success of the whole act. In a sense, this is also interactive and the answer is yes, they overlap. They are all gradients that flow into one another.

We are entering a shift here. The shift from a mass marketing to experience marketing and it is still an evolving medium. If you are not thinking about making this shift now, you probably will be left behind. This shift demands a new way of thinking and treatment from the marketers to satisfy the new digitally savvy consumers who require a much higher level of engagement with their own data.