VR Training Simulations for Retail

Our Virtual Reality technologies offer a dynamic alternative to traditional retail training. These immersive technologies can offer risk-free, real-life environments and scenarios that allow employees to sharpen their skills. In retail, our VR training platform can be used across Retail Onboarding, Customer Service Training, Product Knowledge Training, Sales Retail Training, Safety Retail Training, etc.

In retail onboarding, our training platform allows employees to tour a sales environment virtually, host virtual team introductions, expose new employees to aspects of the job & company branding, and finally, practice their learnings in a real-life scenario.

In Customer Service Training, our VR training platform will place employees in scenarios where their customer service skills can be tested and assessed before interacting with their actual customers.

Using VR, scalable Product Knowledge Training can be given to your associates to see existing or new products and familiarize themselves with all the components and their utility.

In Sales Retail Training, VR can offer a stress-free role-play scenario where employees can try their hand at making a sale. Their responses and actions can be tabulated and assessed for future improvements and can be used in the case of studies as well.

Virtual reality can offer retail training in safety for situations where they have to deal with fires, natural disasters, violent customers, shoplifters, armed robberies and other potentially dangerous situations in a safe, danger-free environment.

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