VR Training Simulation for Healthcare

VR allows healthcare professionals to learn new skills as well as refresh existing ones in a safe environment. At TakeLeap, we offer revolutionary Virtual Reality training solutions for the healthcare sector

In VR based training, learners can approach the situation from multiple perspectives. They can analyze and measure success and fail rates to further enhance their skills. New equipment can be tested and trained upon, without the fear of wear-and-tear or any negative consequences. Professionals will get to have an impactful learning experience, by virtually operating machinery. Doctors gain valuable insights into the structure, scope, texture, and various other crucial aspects of each unique medical situation. Our VR training is also a game-changer for students. They can perform surgical procedures on virtual patients and polish their skills. Overall our platform provides an immersive experience that broadens understanding of human anatomy.

We have developed a VR simulation for Sanofi. It was designed to help users identify the differences and benefits of the new Hexaxim vaccine from Sanofi versus the other reconstituted vaccines. Once the simulation is done, the user will observe a statistical chart where they can see the difference, errors and benefits of HexaXim over the reconstituted vaccination.

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