Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation

AR Indoor Navigation is a next-generation solution for indoor navigation. Shopping malls, airports, and other large spaces can be difficult to navigate. Paper maps and other solutions have failed to help, leaving visitors feeling lost and confused. Our solution enables you to provide your visitors with a next-generation indoor navigation experience by leveraging new technologies such as AR and AI.

Augmented Reality - We use AR paths and arrows within your physical space to guide your visitors to their destination. Combining AR with clear instructions and re-imagined indoor maps means shoppers can spend more time in stores, and visitors can get where they need to be.

Indoor Integration - Previous attempts to map indoor spaces have relied on inaccurate and expensive technologies, like beacons. For a world-class visitor experience, we build on cutting-edge technologies by combining next-generation wifi-based indoor positioning with AR. This helps us to precisely locate the visitor at all times and show them exactly where they need to navigate. That means they can feel free to browse around, and when they’re ready to continue, we can pick up the route from wherever they are.

Interactive, Re-Imagined Maps - When paired with AR, they can provide a familiar interface and overall context for where you are. We’ve re-imagined how an indoor map should be designed to match people’s perceptions of the indoor environment. It displays more info when needed and is engineered to work seamlessly side-by-side with the AR experience. Hold your phone down/horizontally, and we show you the map. Hold your phone up/vertically, and you are in AR.

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