Gesture Based User Interface

A gesture based user interface is an innovation that uses gestures as an input. Consequently as per your command system communicate with help of mathematical algorithm. These new computers include well touch screen software which identifies gesture based human computer interaction. Multi-touch technology is used for touch screen software to identify multiple touches like swiping, pinching, scrolling, and tapping.

Use of a Gesture based user interface in training simulation-

A gesture based user interface is not only useful for video game and entertainment purpose furthermore useful for training simulation also. Training simulation is a virtual teaching through, which one can feel real, as well as acquired through experience without spending on materials. Training simulation technology is a popular training choice for corporate companies and in a medical profession. With the help of Training simulation, students will get a benefit of gesture based human computer interaction and manage the system through their gestures. Trainees and students get an experience of the risky situation within the controlled environment.

3 benefits of the Gesture based user interface-

  • Electronic industry- It is an industry where everyone is coming with the highest focus on a user interface. Like Samsung galaxy, s4 immediately scrolls down when your eyes reach the bottom of the page.
  • Medical industry benefit- One of the most benefits of gesture based human computer interaction is surgeon can review patient’s case file.
  • Great for marketing strategy- Gesture based human computer interaction and virtual reality mixture is a great strategy from marketing view point. Customer will feel real and accurate experience which stands out your product from others.


Gesture based human computer interaction will be the technology with high capacity for user growth in future. To achieve that demand of touch screen software with multi-touch will also increase. A gesture based human interface will see high demand in training simulation, Virtual world, and medical industry. To meet this future demand world needs great companies with Gesture UI designers and touch screen software engineers. After touch screen software next gift of computer science to the world is Gesture based human interface.

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