3D Projection Mapping Companies all over the world do projection mapping also known by the names video mapping and spatial augmented reality which is basically a projection technology used to turn objects which are generally irregular in shape into a display surface for video projection. 3D Projection Mapping Companies are widely known for transforming anything into a screen with the art of Projection Mapping.

Working: 3D Projection Mapping Companies

3D Projection Mapping Companies generally create 3D Projection Mapping Events that after conclusion leaves the audience cheering for more. After the object to be projected is chosen, software is used to map the corners of the video to the surfaces. One may even choose to map the entire scene in 3D and try to project and mask the picture back onto its framework. The next step called “masking” which is using opacity templates to actually “mask” the exact shapes and positions of the different elements of the space of projection.

Projection Mapping can be divided into four categories:

Video Jockeying- used where live 3D Projection Mapping events are augmented by projections that are completely dynamic, and usually consist of pre-programmed videos which is controlled live.

Theatrical- often interactive where projections are adjusted beforehand and scenes are “cued” on demand in coordination with onstage performance.

Static- Programming is used for interacting with the viewers and environment through setting up a display.

Video- not interactive where a generally long segmented show plays from the beginning to the end as a single video.

The main purpose of 3D Projection Mapping Events is to stay away from flat screen projection. The notion behind using it is to gear technology towards more lighting onto different surfaces and to convert common objects into interactive 3D displays. Through 3D Projection Mapping Events guests although passing through a common centre feels as if they are walking into a completely new environment. Therefore it won’t be wrong to say that 3D Projection Mapping Events may be a bit expensive but the awe-inspiring dynamic image displays is an absolute treat for the beholder!

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