360 VR

We distinguish the world through our senses and perception organs. At school, we came across to know we have five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. These are however only our most obvious sense organs. The truth is that however, humans have many more senses than this, such as a sense of movement for example. Almost everything we know about our reality or our real environment comes from our understanding of it through our senses. It is therefore understood that if we trick our made-up senses into believing made-up information, it would change that way we respond to it too. We would have an understanding of an environment that is not actually real, but is perceived to be real. Something we would refer to as a virtual reality or as no-a-days called 360 VR. So, in summary, virtual reality entails presenting our senses with a computer generated virtual environment that we can explore in some fashion. Each virtual reality project at 360 VR is a distinct, client oriented experience. Our team brings matchless desire and incomparable talent to meet the most complex challenges and to exceed prospects. We offer a matchless experience with 360 VR, as well as delivering a priceless return on investment (ROI).


360 VR seems a lot of work. So, what makes the expansion of virtual reality meaningful? The potential value is clear. Immersive films and video games whose target audience is unmeasurable are good examples. The entire entertainment industry is valued to be around more than billions of dollars and its consumers are always looking for modern twists in their products. Other than this, on a serious note, VR has more productive applications such as:

  • Architecture
  • Sport
  • Medicine
  • The Arts
  • Entertainment

360 VR can throw new lights on these areas which can lead to new and exciting discoveries which impact our day to day life. Wherever it is too precarious, pricey or unfeasible to do something in reality, 360 VR offers the perfect answer. From teaching novice pilots to trainee surgeons, virtual reality makes us undergo “virtual dangers” in order to gain real world knowledge. Initially 360 VR is costly, but as it goes down and gets into the mainstream, we can expect some more serious uses of VR such as in education, etc. Virtual reality and its augmented reality which together is part of mixed reality could revolutionize the way we interface with our technologies.

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