The immersive nature of Virtual Reality enables learning to happen in a safe environment. For HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) professionals, the possibility to simulate critical situations in a cost-effective, risk-free manner is key.

Research conducted by the University of Udine, Italy, showed that virtual training leads to a rise in knowledge retention compared with traditional training methods – a simulation of an aircraft water landing and evacuation results in excellent memory retention of passenger safety instructions.

The main benefits of Virtual Reality Training for HSE are:

  • The possibility to simulate critical tasks (incidents, emergency, shutdowns, accidents etc.) by creating risk-free environments, thus allowing trainees to assess different perspectives and solutions and to learn how to react quickly in high stress situations. Participants can experience different situations, having the freedom to fail and the opportunity to learn more.
  • Reduced costs due to the fact that the classical setup of a training is no longer needed.
  • Improved logistics, consisting of a room and the Virtual Reality devices connected to the computer. Virtual Reality Training also allows for users from different locations to connect via the Internet.

The Virtual Reality Training solution is ideal for HSE professionals from all industries, including oil & gas, construction, the army, manufacturing, plant operations etc.