Change is coming fast!

In the recent years we have seen a lot of development in the way our lifestyle is being shaped by technology. Whether it’s personal or business, the adaptation of technology by the industrial market has made a huge improvement in individual lives. We can now enjoy the ease of life thanks to smart phones, gadgets and other technologies that are accessible in order to reduce our daily tasks.

Industry such as manufacturing and transportation sectors, were quick in adapting artificial intelligence to improve their efficiency and their quality of output. However, what needs to be kept in mind, is that there is still a gap between the invention and the implementation. Despite the progress made, companies are still struggling to implement their products due to the lengthy procedures with the regulations and the fragmentation that’s in place in the market or location of the product.

So then comes the question that lingers amongst us all, “What about the mass employment that automation will replace?”. Here we face a debate between pessimists and optimists. One believes that technology will take over the world or the other insist that it will create more jobs.

The truth perhaps, is best to be seen from somewhere in the middle. Automations such as artificial intelligence will not cause mass unemployment, but will speed up the existing trend of computer-related automation, disrupting labour markets just as technological change has done before, and requiring workers to learn new skills at a faster pace. Nevertheless, it obvious that human interaction could never be truly removed, therefore this chance to explore opportunities is worth taking.