Augmented Reality Real Estate

Augmented Reality Real Estate

The word ‘Augment’ means to add something. Augmented reality (AR) is adding virtual elements like sounds, graphics, touch to the real world. Pokémon Go, the game which went viral last year, is an example of augmented reality. Another example is the messaging app Snapchat’, whose ‘Share ability’ feature lets you share images that combine the real and virtual world. There are many Augmented Reality Companies that are coming up.

AR is not to be confused with Virtual Reality. Though both of them alter our perception of the world, the difference lies in how they do it. While Virtual Reality blocks us out of our present world and transports us elsewhere, Augmented Reality simply adds computer-generated images to our existing world. Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR are some examples of the Virtual Reality applications. The Augmented Reality Companies have given their best to show the world a whole new reality world.

AR – How does it work?

  • Marker-Based – The camera of your phone records your physical surrounding. It recognizes an image or a marker to calculate its position and augment the reality.
  • GPS Based – This makes use of the inbuilt GPS in your device and provides you information like the nearby restaurants, parks etc. based on your location.

These days Augmented Reality Companies has entered into the Real estate through the Augmented Reality Real Estate. Augmented Reality Real Estate, similar to the Pokémon Go concept, Augmented Reality Real Estate allows the real estate to take their Clients through a 360 degree, 3D view of the properties. This saves a lot of time for both the parties. The prospective buyers can visualize changes through the Augmented Reality Real Estate for the property by modifying the color of the building to moving around pieces of furniture within the house. Thus, Augmented Reality Real Estate has a lot scope today and in future too.

Listed below are some uses of AR:

  • Industrial Design – AR helps designers to visualize a design before its completion.
  • Navigation devices – helps in displaying relevant information like road conditions, weather, and directions.
  • Medicine -Patients wearing Google Glass can be reminded to take their medicines in time.
  • AR Apps – Google Goggles, an Android app allows users to search relevant results using pictures.

Augmented Reality is much more than catching Pokémon. The Augmented Reality companies are coming up best possible trends. Its applications are limitless. Let’s hope that Augmented Reality Companies helps to alter the real world and make it a better place to live.