Augmented Reality: New Future for Cars

Augmented Reality will be the inevitable for future cars.
Imagine the driver looks at the physical dashboard that’s blank and all the information is displayed in a digital form (fuel gauge, speedometer, temperature, etc.). In addition, having access to complete control of the gadgets that would assist you through voice control will sure be handy.

The windshield display using AR will also be commonly used amongst drivers; AR will identify obstacles in front of you and guide you through the correct procedures in order to avoid collision.

Augmented RealityThis goes from telling the driver the distance between their vehicle and the object in front of them to displaying information allowing the driver to react faster. AR will become a real life saver for drivers, whether this is to guide or correct you.

Passengers are also able to benefit from this augmented reality as they will be able to experience a more interactive journey through the option of zooming, selecting and identifying their surroundings by a touch.

AR doesn’t only make driving easy but also provides a safer and smoother ride for all.
From driving statistics to the gradient of the roads, the driver will be able to pre-emptively react to hazards that may come in their way all through their fingertips.