Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Automation Revolution

Artificial intelligence is the ability of digital computer or computer controlled robot to perform tasks along with human beings. From Apple’s Siri to Self -Driven car artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. From Google’s search algorithms to IBM Watson to autonomous weapons everything is based on Artificial Intelligence.

  • Classification of AI -An assistant professor of Michigan State university has classified Artificial intelligence into four categories –
  • Reactive machines – Deep Blue of IBM is an example of this type. It has no memories or past experiences, it analyses possible moves, its own and opponents and selects strategic move.
  • Limited Memory – This can use past experiences to predict future actions. Some decision-making functions in Autonomous vehicles have been designed in this way.
  • Theory of mind – It is a psychology term. It refers to the understanding that others have their own beliefs, desires and intentions that impact the decisions they make. This kind of AI does not yet exist.
  • Self-Awareness – This type of AI doesn’t yet exist. Here machines have consciousness and feelings. Machines with self-awareness understand their current state and can use the information to infer what others are feeling.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence technology

  • Machine Learning – It is the act of getting computer working without any programming. There are three types of Machine learning algorithms, supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning.
  • Natural Language Processing – An example of this technology is spam detection. It looks at the subject line and the text of the email and decides if it is a spam or not. Other applications include text translation, sentiment analysis and speech recognition.
  • Machine vision – It is the science of making computers see. This technology capture and analyses images. It can also be used to see through walls. It is used in a range of applications from signature identification to medical image analysis.

Other few technologies include pattern recognition, robotics, automation etc.

Although artificial intelligence is making our life simpler, but there are few risks associated with it. Experts think these two scenarios are possible: AI is programmed to do something devastating or The AI is programmed to do something beneficial, but it develops a destructive method for achieving its goal. An intelligent AI will be good in achieving goals but if the goals are not aligned with ours then there is a problem.

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