Apart from road construction, a major role for a road construction company is maintenance of the roads and their assets. Issues with road assets and maintenance might lead to minor and major complications. To curb these issues, a road analysis is conducted in order to limit these complications, however, it’s an extensive manual job which is prone to human error. Takleap’s Road Assist Analysis is the solution to this issue. The software is trained with the state-of-the-art computer vision algorithm and is constantly evolving.

Takeleap’s Road Assist Analysis Solution

As an organization using the product, the organization has to upload a dashboard camera feed into the software. The software will analyze the video frame by frame, second by second, asset by asset to find multiple features of the assets in a frame. The system can even decipher complex assets such as numbers and letters on signboards. These all features of assets will be generated as a report which can be presented in multiple formats to fit the needs of the organization's data visualization software.

The software is trained for detection of the following: km stone, delineator, thermoplastic paint kerb, MBCB, high mast light, solar blinker, hazard board, hectometre stone, signboards, gantry signboards, VMS  gantry, guard rails (PGR, AGMR), streetlights, streetlight DB box, atcc ro panel, emergency call box (SOS), raised pavement markers (cat-eyes), litter bins along with the project, water tank along with the project, crash barriers, expansion joints, new jersey barrier, median plantation, unauthorized occupants (encroachment), identification of potholes, identification of cracks, mud accumulation, water stagnation, identification of bleeding on road, drainage along with the project,over-speeding of the route patrol vehicle, wall posters, hoardings, vegetation growth on structures, CCTV camera, working status (night videos).

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