The challenge we face in the current scenario and the foreseeable future is to stem the spread of any infectious disease. The key is to be able to identify violations quickly and to act in time to stop the spread. It is humanly impossible to manually check every piece of surveillance and respond soon. With this problem in mind, we at Takeleap have designed a revolutionary new tech that utilizes current infrastructure and custom-built application that helps entities identify and act on violations quickly and effectively.


Identify and count the number of people without a mask. Monitors if social distancing is maintained or not. Admin will have the option to set the density threshold for each camera. The feeds will be processed for the number of people detected in the frame and will trigger when the threshold is met or exceeded. If any violation detected a snapshot is taken and recorded for escalation. The solution can be integrated into existing CCTV, and access controls systems for doors, entrances, parking lot, etc. For establishments that do not have the requisite hardware, we have bespoke hardware options that can be specked by the customer.

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