Regressing on Account of Tech!

    What is the first thing we as a generation do every morning? More often than not the response is going to be the same, “I check my phone”. Most people wake up and spend about 10-15minutes on an average rummaging through their various social media posts before they venture out to do anything productive. Quite literally our lives revolve around the 5 inches. The world of instant gratification, how many friends, how many followers, how many likes, how many views, how many shares, this is what qualifies you in the eyes of your peers. The professional world is not exempt, it has its very own version of social media via platforms like LinkedIn where the very same social constructs apply.

    We are now a generation of people who depend on our virtual presence for our mental well-being and it’s a scary notion to say the very least.

    For the generation born in the 80s and 90s to have been exposed to either ends of the spectrum this addiction to technology can be quite disturbing. However, for the millennials born into technology it is but an extension of their personalities. There is no other version. There is no need to delve into our inner minds to find anything, everything is but a click away.

    The older generation woke up to staring at the ceiling having nothing but their imaginations to keep them company. This very vacuum is what created some of the greatest creative minds across disciplines. The dreamers of past have dreamt up pretty much everything that we take for granted today. It is but natural to now see the current crop only attempting to rehash what has already been done. Almost every new game, movie and new content is rooted in the past. Our books seem to be simplifying the language they are written in. Our cultural icons are diluted and have very little to offer that would nourish one’s soul.

    Progress in technology is a nowadays a small step forward and not the leaps that we have seen in the past.

    Are we slowly losing our predilection to dream, imagine, create, to this insatiable appetite for mindless drivel? I would love to hear your thoughts on this…
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