A robot, as we all know is a machine that is programmable by a computer and capable of carrying out complex tasks automatically. The control of robots may be built within them or can be controlled externally as well. Some robots may be designed to look like humans also the main aim of robots is to carry out tasks with least importance given to how they look.

It is predicted that the next big thing we would be seeing is the rise of artificial intelligence and how robots start replacing human works. Robots especially come into the picture where humans cannot perform a certain task due to unfavorable weather conditions, size limitations or the danger associated with the task. Such tasks can be performed with the help of robotics. Examples of some dangerous tasks that robotics can help us with our bomb detection, bomb de-activations a result we humans get to discover new things and enhance our knowledge.

Based on their applications, some classifications of the robots are as follows:

  • Agricultural robots – used for agricultural purposes like harvesting etc.
  • Military robots – autonomous or remote-controlled robots used for military applications.
  • Domestic robots – Caring for the elderly.
  • Medical robots – The ones used to perform low invasive surgery.

There are many more types of robots. All robots irrespective of their application have three common construction features. All robots have some shape, form or frame designed to achieve a particular task. Robots have electrical components which control the machinery. All robots have some computer programming code depending on which a robot decides how to do a task. The interdisciplinary branch of science and engineering that deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots is called robotics.

Robotics has become an important factor in the modern manufacturing scenario. As companies increase their use of robotic tools, the number of robotics-related jobs has been growing steadily.

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