Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality was a niche techie a few decades ago. In 1994, mixed reality was first described to be the environment extending between the completely real and completely virtual environment. This is done using augmented reality. AV has become so technologically developed that mixed reality companies have come up with the concept for our mobile phones. Technology has become so powerful that each day ends with a new dimension in growing technology. It has now become important for mixed reality companies to build their software and hardware platform accordingly. Mixed Reality is an Interactive Marketing and Technology Media agency which concentrates in development related to Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, App Development and Augmented Reality.

Mixed Reality find themselves in a many software and platforms due to their wide range of applications.

Mixed Reality Companies develop manifestos such as:
  • Interactive Product Content Management
  • Simulation Based Learning
  • Military Training
  • Real Asset Virtualization Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Aviation
  • Remote Working

Mixed Reality can be a valuable tool for research and development in robotics. Mixed Reality in robotics can be used for enhancing virtual capabilities of robots. Mixed Reality in robotics can also interact with humans without sharing physical space.

  • VIRTUAL REALITY- Solve complex challenges and meet up to your expectations in VR
  • AUGEMENTED REALITY- Because your customer requires a different look to your products
  • TOUCHSCREEN SOLUTIONS- Meet your touchscreen expectations for display suites, expos and more
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE- Build “Intelligent “machines to take actions that maximize your chance of success.
  • 3D PROJECTION- This involves mapping of objects on a program which is equivalent to the real environment.

Mixed Reality uses Augmented Reality and Augmented Virtuality. In AR, virtual objects are projected into a physical environment while in AV; physical objects are projects into a virtual environment. AR and AV have been used to help overcome challenges faced through mixed reality for robotics. Implementing Mixed Reality will allow your employees to visualize the data with your critical systems, connect with a remote expert for training, give you access to Electronic Work Instructions, provide the ability to overlay the work labour hands-free. Our team looks forward in working with you and meeting up with your expectations. Let us help you boost your customer engagement in exclusive ways.

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