Haptic Robotic Arm

An intriguing blend of human touch and pure, unadulterated technology: The Haptic Robotic Arm

Haptic Robotic Arm thrives on its sheer ability to imbue a mere piece of machinery designed to simply replicate human actions with a deeper sense of human touch. After all, it is our tactile abilities that render our experiences and lives superior to machines. But a Haptic Robotic Arm is not any other robotic arm. When we design the Haptic Robotic arm, it is a robotic arm powered by haptic technology that enriches it with tactile sensation for immersive user experience on a virtual platform. This does wonders for sales application too.

Enhanced efficiency with the Haptic Robotic Arm and the Daqri Smart Helmet

Whether it’s medical surgery, manoeuvring space-ships or training people, the Haptic Robotic Arm aids in all. By employing tactile sensors that gauge the magnitude of forces a user exerts on a technological interface, it makes customer engagement strategies quite immersive. But the buck doesn’t stop here. Because we also usher in augmented reality solutions to sales application. The Daqri Smart Helmet is the star of such techniques used for improving sales application that allows for better customer interaction.

3 benefits of the Gesture based user interface-

  • The Daqri Smart Helmet aims to reveal the unseen in your workspace. It comes with powerful processing that enables immersive augmented reality content.
  • It empowers employees to envisage data like never before. With greater situational awareness comes greater efficiency.
  • The Daqri Smart Helmet also facilitates better monitoring and maintenance of industrial systems by enabling thermal vision.
  • It promises smart augmented instructions, providing right information to workers at the right time, thus obviously saving a lot of time.
  • The Daqri Smart Helmet also allows for sharing expertise and assistance. Needless to say, it caters to better and quick resolution of problems and facilitates skill enhancement and optimum use of resources.

Our products offer incredible services to brands that wish to enhance their customer engagement techniques, thereby allowing for better monitoring of sales application. If sales application is majorly about boosting customer interaction, our products ensure that. We work to provide enhanced marketing solutions by imbuing them with a tinge of unadulterated technology. Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and the likes, are all party to our solution designs. We make them unique and immersive.

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