A Virtual Speechless Story in Digital Marketing

Hologram is the concept of bringing idea of fantasy of 3D into reality. With more and more digitalization in the marketing industry, innovation and creativity is being appreciated to foster the growth of industry. The whole advertising industry is going online and to emerge out of the traditional ways of advertisement and to outlive the lifestyle today, augmented reality took over to have a futuristic display of the products being promoted to consumers.

Major focus of hologram Companies in Dubai: way from 2D to 3D

Promotion of product in an innovative way and communicating in an incentive way is the key path for the industry. Services provided by the hologram companies in Dubai stimulate brands and businesses to bring new experiences through their unique selling points. A big 3D hologram displays floating in mid-air are ultimate for initiating brand awareness and creating the wow factor and the newness to astound people and create an epidemic effect.

Some of the hologram services being offered by the hologram companies in Dubai are:

Virtual Reality

Live Augmented reality

Artificial Intelligence

3D Projection

Gesture based Robot – Gesture Recognition and others

The need of incorporating Artificial Intelligence(AI) by the hologram companies in Dubai is that AI provides unheard-of capabilities for sales and customer acquisition. A great and highly used application is chatbot. A form of artificial intelligence, that can deliver data to customers at a very paced rate as they are capable of storing and recall high amount of information. The concept of gesture based robot is also in trend these days. For digital signage, gesture based robot play an important role too. Gesture based robot have the capability that they can be controlled by gesture movements apart from the push buttons. A gesture based robot has several applications corresponding to the smart technology in digital marketing. A very fancy interaction of humans with the robots for product marketing has created a fascination.

Digital Marketing is a must for any business expanding itself. Being one of the fast-growing areas, there is a need to keep a close eye on the new trends. Many hologram companies in Dubai are working on hologram and holographic projections for product marketing at a very alarming rate to be competent enough in market.

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